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Marching in the Parade

The 2021 Applications are ready

Application for Parade Participation

The form is in PDF format that you can fill on your computer and email it to us at:

and use the PayPal Donate button to send your invoice total.

Or download the form printed fill it and send it with your check to:

Federation of Hellenic Societies of Greater NY

22-51 29th Street Astoria New York 11105

You will receive a conformation when your application has been processed.
If you have not received conformation you can call us at 718-204-6500.Please allow the appropriate time.

Make check payable to: Federation of Hellenic Societies of Greater NY

Your Application will not be processed till payment is received.

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Attending the Parade

Tips for making the parade safe and family-friendly

No animals or mascots will be permitted along the parade route or in the stands. There is absolutely no consumption of alcohol permitted. This is not just our rule, it’s NYC law. Safety is our utmost concern.

Please remember that all backpacks and large bags are subject to search by NYPD.

We also request that you follow the parade organizers instructions. Stay behind the police barriers. Please don’t enter the parade route, any one entering the parade unauthorized will be arrested by the police. This again is not just a rule is the law. We will have portable toilets along the route, please check week before the parade for the locations. You can check out the F.A.Q. page for more answers to your questions, and you can call us At 718-204-6500 during business hours.

F.A.Q. Please check here before the parade because we learn something every year

What day is the Parade?
To be announced, rain, shine or snow.

What time does the Parade start?
The Parade starts at 1:45 pm.

What time does the Parade end?
Hard to say, but it usually wraps up at around 4:30 PM or so.

Can I get a Press Pass that gives me special access to cover the Parade?
Yes The press passes are issued to the members of the press 3 days before the parade in person At the Stathakion Center 22-51 29th Street Astoria NY. You have to have a press pass from your Media outlet or the police department in order for us to issue our press pass. P.S see PARADE NEWS.

Where does the Parade take place?
The Parade will start on 64th Street and 5th Avenue. It will roll north to 79th Street, the floats will go to 81st Street.

When the parade line-up will be announced?
The parade line-up will be announced on and around Tuesday the week of the parade, and it will be posted at this website and in the Greek media.

How is the line-up determent?
The parade consists of 3 battalions plus the honorary. The Honorary bettalion marches first. In the first battalion will march first the 10 groups that are members of the Federation and marched last the year before. ( Federation Members are all ways put before non members). The rest will be determent by lottery the Saturday, week before the Parade.

Where’s the best place to watch the Parade?
Of course the best place to watch the parade is on Fifth Avenue, but where on 5th Ave is entirely up to you, we recommend the entire route.

I’m allowed to seat at the reviewing stands?
The reviewing stands are accessed by invitation or a special pass only. You can inquire at the Federation’s office in person for more details.

Who gets the special passes and the invitations?
The special passes for the north and south stands are given to the member societies and the volunteers, and the invitations for the Grandstand are given to the parade sponsors, and the local and Greek dignitaries.

Are restroom services available?
Do to the new NYPD gulidelines, for the safety for the citizens of NYC there will be no longer be portable restrooms available.

I want to be in the Parade! How can I register?

Download- (our new web fill forms that you can e-mail them to our office @ pay for your participation fee below for a 10% extra so that is $430. PayPal – The safer, easier way to pay online!)  -the participation forms and bring them to the Federation of Hellenic Societies of Greater New York. The Participation fee is $400.00, for Greek Shcool Club is no fee.
Or use new web fill forms that you can e-mail them to our office @ pay for your participation fee below for a 10% extra so that is $430. PayPal – The safer, easier way to pay online!

Is there a deadline to register?
Yes the dealine is 2 weeks before the parade. And please as much as we like to include all that want to march for our Independence, it is mondatory to stay to that schedule in order for the parade to go smoothly.

My Group wants to have a float how do I go about it?
Please download the float and the participation form. You need to fill out both forms; the participation fee for the float is $200.00 extra Plus the contract you have to sign with the float company, last year that was $1800.00 Mr. Devito comes to the Stathakion Center every Thursday in March in the evening.

I want to bring my dog/other pet to march the Parade. Is that ok?
We love our non-humans but Pets of any kind are not allowed in the parade.

I’m not a part of a group, marching band etc., just an individual who wants to march in the parade, is there a place for me?
All the participating marchers are vented by the Federation, if you did not get the ok from the federation of Hellenic Societies of Greatewr New York to be on the marching area you will be arrested by the NYC police department.

I love the Evzones and i want to go through the barricades and take photos.
For safety reasons no one is aloud beyond the barricades, the organizers and the police have a tough job as it is, and yes you can get arrested for trespassing.

How do I volunteer for the parade?
Fill out the form in the volunteer page of this website or call 718-204-6500.

I’m going to stand in the street in front of the reviewing stand and take pictures or video because I’m very important and I don’t care what anyone says. I might also stand in the middle of the route and take pictures or video and hold up the Parade. What do you think about that?
If you obstruct the Parade in any way, security will remove you, and YOU WILL get arrested.

How about Some Costume and Parade Tips?
We highly encourage all the participating marchers to dress and act appropriately for the day’s occasion. The Greek Independence Day parade is not a carnival.

I have questions about the parade that is not answered here, who do I contact?
Yes please call us at 718-204-6500.